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We're looking for a cityscape photo that is looking down on park city but shows the ground in front of the camera so we can photoshop a jeep in so it looks like the jeep is up on the ridge with the cameraman and park city is down below.

See example photo but with park city down below we'd want the angle to look lower so we can see all of jeep and a large amount of Park City.

Pictures down below in park city next to a park city sign or familiar landmark could also work.

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Park City, UT, United States
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7 years ago - It wouldn't let me upload one yesterday. I have a shot you might want.
7 years ago - uploaded a pretty decent sunset pic
7 years ago - Because it don't met the requirements. Mine did the same thing.
7 years ago - way is my photo being removed everytime I post it?
7 years ago - good