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We want photos that represent the look and feel of each city listed below. NO landmarks. NO art. NO people.

The images will represent each location of the agency. The cities are:
Detroit, NYC, Chicago, London, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Scottsdale, Kansas City, Oakland and Bentonville.

The example below with the bike and tram represent Toronto.

We really like what we have seen and have taken a look at all of them, but would like to narrow down the options on a few of the cities. Please see guidance below:

New York: Would really like to see more shots of the iconic yellow cabs of New York. We are looking for a dynamic, likely close up shot of a cab, while also showing the rest of the city.

Oakland/San Francisco: Again looking for a dynamic shot, but this time of either the harbor or the fog rolling in. Some key words we have for the bay area area Diverse, Gritty, Sports, Rebirth, and culturally rich.

Bentonville: We are looking for a shot of the iconic Bentonville downtown buildings. They are very colorful and do not have to many copyright issues involved. Very hard shot to get but if we could we would be very interested in this. Some images, thoughts were: Recreational, Hospitable, Community, Walmart, Growth

Scottsdale: We need a dynamic shot of ANYTHING downtown that is not a Cactus. All we can find is desert shots, which isn't awful but we want something a little more unique.

Detroit: Something that is dynamic and shows renewal. We dont want anything too depressing, but we would like something that would show the gritty feel detroit has. Some images, thoughts were: Renewal, Car, sports

Kansas City - Fountains, Barbecue, Jazz are some key words we associated with Kansas City. Dynamic shots of these would be fantastic.

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