What does "laidback" mean to you?

Online Launch Campaign for Watch Co.
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We want you to tell us what "laidback" means to you, through beautiful photographs, wherever you are in the world!

These photographs will be used in the marketing/launch campaign of a new micro-brand watch company in the United States. The first watch being launched (this summer) is a beautiful combination of bamboo wood/stainless steel/leather. It's also a premium mechanical watch with a 26-Jewel movement (i.e. no batteries). This watch will be part of the "Freelancer" series.

1. Try to incorporate a few (or as many) elements of the watch in the photograph - for example, wood/steel/sunlight/leather
2. If you have models in your photograph, make sure that they are not wearing any watches (bare wrists preferred)
3. Follow the general guidelines listed: Landscape, Outdoor/Indoor, Natural Lighting with sufficient space for copy
4. Watches are very personal and we want the photographs to reflect that. The more up-close and personal, the better.
5. Pets are welcome (especially dogs!)

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Model Release :
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8 years ago - Hi everyone, thank you for your submissions! Sorry if this was not clear, but we need atleast some people in the photographs so basic landscape images or just pets won't be accepted.