Egret Orchids (Habenaria radiata)

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I am looking for plant images for my webpage. Clean images of the whole pant or flower with out of focus background. Please see sample picture to get an idea of the look and feel I am going for. Color palette is black, grays, green, and white.

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7 years ago - @Anthony Pancotti: i have some photo in my portfolio with white flower.
7 years ago - @Anthony Pancotti: Before you buy, probably a good idea to do a reverse image search.
7 years ago - hey I have an awesome orchid collection but I am unable to upload the pics here
7 years ago - Yeah, the orchid show here had none, either.
7 years ago - I enjoyed the Newport Harbor Orchid Expo. here is SoCal. Unfortunately. no egret orchids to be found there. According to an orchid grower & Exhibitor they are terrestrial and are “still hunkered down.” It was fun seeing so many varieties. Good luck with your search.
7 years ago - My photos were removed because they didn't match the brief. But they were precisely what the brief described. Are you wanting only that specific flower?
7 years ago - Local orchid show begins the 12th..Will try to go and check things out.
7 years ago - Sorry cant do it... It is blossom in the summer
7 years ago - Ok today i Will shoot Some
7 years ago - I am only looking for photos of a particular plant, the white Egret Orchid or Habenaria radiata. In regards to the color palette I do need all the colors in one photo. It can be any combination of those colors.
7 years ago - @appancotti are you specifically looking for egrets?
7 years ago - Same as above. Lol please
7 years ago - @appancotti: Request clarification on plant species and should the palette include all the colors you mentioned or have some of the colors to qualify? Thanks
7 years ago - @appancotti: are you looking for this specific species of orchid or will any species (or other plants) suffice? Thanks.