Hand holding slurpee

7 Eleven
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A hand holding a Slurpee cup with a dollop of Watermelon Lime Slurpee poking out of the top a little with a straw in it. In the background out of focus is the grassy field of a park.

We’re a lifestyle brand and should portray ourselves as such. We’re bright, optimistic, and approachable. Our photography will feature real people who are naturally and effortlessly appealing. And of course, our food and
drinks will always look enticing and refreshing. Our look is natural, casual, and are snapshots with a very “Instagram” aesthetic.

Watch outs: no logos, no artwork in the background, no recognizable landmarks etc..
Preferable they are using the newer cups with swirls and flavors including: watermelon lime, wild cherry and cotton candy (blue).

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Lifestyle Food and Drink

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5 years ago - @chad the slurpees melt very fast and the watermelon flavor in particular does not create a frothy foam that piles up over the top of the cup. I've tried three 7 Elevens.
5 years ago - These are great but try using a flash to fill in the shadow on the hand and be sure the slurpee is filled to the top over flowing slightly