Rainbow Dinner

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We’re looking for an overhead image of a colorful dinner. Preferably vibrant, healthy foods that are in more than 4 different colors. Also, it would be great if the setup looks home-y with a few accents of a dinner table setup.

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Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
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7 years ago - And? We like to hear from you.
7 years ago - And thank you so much for the purchase! :)
7 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!
7 years ago - VF, nominations and feedback help us to more clearly understand your needs. I think we would all like to "hear" from you. Have any of us come close to what you are looking for?
7 years ago - definitely a fun and tasty challenge!
7 years ago - @Art Buying..hi,I tried my best what you are asking for ..hope you like .if you think of any modifications ..I'm more glad to do that,pls let me know
7 years ago - No nominations?
7 years ago - Lol ^
7 years ago - I already won!! I got to eat the food after I photographed it. It was delicious.
7 years ago - Such a nice challenge, loving all the colors 👌🏽😁
7 years ago - Is a model release form required if you don't have a person seen on photo?
7 years ago - The previous request from VF went nowhere with zero feedback.