Teen Couple with 7 Eleven Slurpee

7 Eleven
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We need UGC / candid pictures of boys and girls in their early 20s with their 7 Eleven slurpees:

Description: A late teens/early 20s happy looking couple from the chest up both drinking Slurpees. The man is a casual, but not sloppy looking and wearing sunglasses. The girl has the same vibe with a little, but not excessive amount of make-up and long hair. They are at a park, look very comfortable and not as if they are posing heavily for a photo.

We’re a lifestyle brand and should portray ourselves as such. We’re bright, optimistic, and approachable. Our photography will feature real people who are naturally and effortlessly appealing. And of course, our food and
drinks will always look enticing and refreshing. Our look is natural, casual, and are snapshots with a very “Instagram” aesthetic.

Watch outs: no logos, no artwork in the background, no recognizable landmarks etc..
Preferable they are using the newer cups with swirls and flavors including: watermelon lime, wild cherry and cotton candy (blue).

Additional Requirements
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4MP+ (ex: 2272x1704px+)
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5 years ago - Please when will nominations happen for these pictures so that I can know which doesn't fit perfectly and take it down so I can upload better pictures. I am a Shooter so I can only upload 2 pictures at a time. Thanks for these requests. I enjoyed taking pictures for them!