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We are looking for around 5-10 images to purchase of people listening to music while they are exercising for our music streaming portal.

Interested in all types of photos. Male and female. Different exercises. In gym or outdoors. Images should contain either a shot of a headphone or person holding a smartphone. Final images to be supplied at 2000px in width.

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9 years ago - @jennieelb - Not yet
9 years ago - Was anything chosen for this request?
9 years ago - Thanks very much for the nominations, Jason! :)
9 years ago - @jennieelb - Love the composition of your photos. Keep them coming! :)
9 years ago - Thanks for the submission so far everyone! We'd love to see some action shots if possible.
9 years ago - @aussiejay Glad you like them! I plan on working with several different models over the next few days so I'll get a few more to you soon.
9 years ago - @jennieelb - Like the 2 images you've uploaded. It would be great to see similar with different model/s.
9 years ago - Request timeline increased by 1 week.
9 years ago - Price on purchased photo increased to $50/ea. Note the buyer is looking for 5-10 photos.