Photographers taking photos of cityscapes

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We're looking for an image of a photographer using IOS device (no device cases, please) in a very appealing cityescape. Photographer proper attire is highly recommended and look, if available. Photographer should be taking a photo of the cityscape, object, etc.

General theme: recency (in normal weather conditions; rainy is ok)

Preferred Image Locations:Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

Specs: model release,negative space ,authentic and natural feel, outdoor, and exclusivity.

Closed because I could not find the right visual for this project


Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Photo Size :
4MP+ (ex: 2272x1704px+)
Model Release :
Required (if applicable)
Location :
Europe,Middle East, Asia
Cities and Regions Lifestyle
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Messages posted by users

9 years ago - Closed because I could not find the right photo for the project. .
9 years ago - @stevewarwick: Thanks for submitting the new photos. I dont know if you have time to upload couple more!
9 years ago - Thanks for both of you :)
9 years ago - @bdnv thanks for the nominations! I am still looking if I can find something else :)
9 years ago - @bdnv uploaded another one with a sea as well as city view... Cheers...
9 years ago - @cric_ab: my pleasure and thanks for the effort :)
9 years ago - @stevewarwick:Great. Thanks
9 years ago - @bdnv ah ok, there's plenty of pretty streets! I'll try my best to get them to you before this ends!
9 years ago - @stevewarwick: Not necessarily a top view photo, it could be in any lovely street.
9 years ago - @bdnv I'm just down the road from Cambridge (UK) so there's plenty of opportunities there. There's a bar at the top of an hotel with panoramic views of the city and the historical university... Problem is that I can't get there until after this closes due to work!
9 years ago - Alan, I apologize, but this wont help.
9 years ago - @Iazx I Bader Almutairi: uploaded this for you to look at hope it might be of use to you
9 years ago - @bdnv thanks for the nomination & suggestions. It was quite chilly last night so the model had to resort to warm wear... I will click few more today...
9 years ago - we could use one extra photo of an object in cityscape, but the view has to be extraordinary
9 years ago - Hi Alan, Thanks for the photos. I like them, but because of the cityscape is not so appealing. Plus summer/spring attire is appreciated. Thanks again
9 years ago - thanks very much for the nomination! :)
9 years ago - @stevewarwick: Thanks, could you do similar photos in a different cityscape, summer/spring attire is highly appreciated :)
9 years ago - @Iazx I Bader Almutairi: I have submitted some shots for you to look at they are of a photographer with iPhone and tripod , no case, model request, hi resolution, feed back would be great thanks in advance. Alan
9 years ago - Thanks for clarifying!
9 years ago - @bdnv many many thanks for the nominations, means a lot!
9 years ago - Dear Photographers, please submit required specs and with model request. Thanks and best of luck :)
9 years ago - Thanks for those who shared their comments in here
9 years ago - Hi Magdalena, Correct. Thanks :)
9 years ago - Totally agree with you both, I'm sure some people here don't even read the brief
9 years ago - Exactly Manuel. The brief is there for a reason. Must be so annoying for buyers to go through images that don't conform to the brief.
9 years ago - I agree with you Magdalena. If it's anoying for us, how much more it is for the client. It makes the review of the photos more complicated than it should be. If we don't have the photos the client is looking for, don't participate, or they will not come back.
9 years ago - My interpretation is that the image needs to show a photographer using an iOS device, is this correct @bdnv?
9 years ago - I think the brief and the sample images are in contradiction. The brief says image of someone in a cityscape taking a picture with device but the sample image just show cityscape or intercity pictures.
9 years ago - Why is it that most images don't follow the brief?