Friends enjoying cocktails

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Photo with a group (10-20 people) of young, caucasian adults (25 - 35 yr old) at a casual event (happy hour, wine tasting, cocktail party, etc.)

The message we would like to convey is "co-workers" becoming friends during non-office hours. It is preferable for the event to be at a trendy restaurant, bar, or winery. For attire, upscale casual is the direction and not professional dress. We want this photo to look natural and relaxed capturing a moment that is not "posed" (no cheers or clinking of glasses). The photo should be clear, soft brights (not black and white) with limited filtering.

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9 years ago - For this request their client did not find an image that worked but you will have another chance to sell your images in our Collection. Thank you everyone for your beautiful work!
9 years ago - @douglas-ramos87 I believe they were just going for a certain demographic which is common in advertising, I hope you were not offended.
9 years ago - So no black or Hispanic people? Seems a little racist. I guess we can't make the casual upscale requirement.