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A single-family home on large area of land. Rural / country feel, homey, ranch style. The image should feature the acreage, not the home.

The photo should be of the acreage that comes with owning a home in a rural area. Shot with elevation in mind, to show the breadth of the acreage. Not too many distracting objects beside the acreage and the home.

Agriculture Home Landscape
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9 years ago - Hi Bradley, do you think to need any other shot to buy?
9 years ago - Thanks for the purchase, Bradley - glad the photo worked for you!
9 years ago - @ambee, Thats because the buyer is reviewing which one he wants to buy after nominating some of his favourites
9 years ago - I was wondering why is still in review @alan...
9 years ago - If you want to check and see what request are still open just click on requests but this one is finished.
9 years ago - Hi. Is the request still going on?
9 years ago - Please let me know if you would like to see any of my photos cropped, edited, colorized, or processed differently!
9 years ago - @blewis Thanks so much for the invite to participate. I uploaded a bunch of shots from assorted rural areas, hope you enjoy!
9 years ago - @
9 years ago - Awesome, thank you for nominating my picture!
9 years ago - Thank you!! Very happy to be nominated!!
9 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!