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Dacci (dah-chee) is Italian for “give us”. We believe in getting back to the root of gift giving. No more gift cards, no mass productions, no more mainstream. There was a time when people didn't have money to give you, they had to create a gift using their talents or resources available. Dacci is about the memories and love behind getting a thoughtful gift. One our our favorite sayings is "That gift card I received 2 years ago was awesome" said no one EVER. It would be good if your image could reflect this feeling. We are in many different markets helping people procure gifts for a bachelor or bachelorette getting married, something having a new baby, or just something more thoughtful for a girlfriend so no specific demographic needs to be in the photo.

Please try to limit any boxes or gifts in your images since it will not be easy for us to replace them. The image should be about feeling right now until we can possible send our boxes to someone to get an actual shot.

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8 years ago - Thank you for the clarification.
8 years ago - In my example, I included a photo that was from If you were to submit a photo from plated it wouldn't be of food instead it is a happy couple enjoyed the meal they cooked together from their box. The picture is more feeling.
8 years ago - This contest is not about pictures of handmade gifts at all.
8 years ago - Just a clarification that I do not need an image that is a gift. this is not an image for one of my products but an image to sell the Dacci brand and explain what it is about. I need a landscape image like the one in my example that depicts the feeling people get when they receive a thoughtful gift
8 years ago - I'm confused at what the photo request is. What would you like to be in the picture? Hand made gifts? People receiving gifts? Thanks :)
8 years ago - Is it possible for another sample photo or more specifics? Your website has photos of tea leaves, handbags & hand blown glass...are you looking for photos similar in nature/content or something completely different? I took your description as customized handmade gifts, but my photos were removed.
8 years ago - I didn't quite understand can gift boxes and presents be on the photo or not at all???