Red wine

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We want authentic photos of people in their 20s & early 30s in social experiences and at home enjoying a glass of red wine. The red wine, in a glass,

Along with social experiences, there can also be shots of red wine, in a glass, on its own in interesting places. As we are going into fall & winter we would avoid beach or summer shots.

As these shots are meant to represent how red wine fits into the lives of our target consumer we want shots to feel authentic and be generic. Please do not show any labels on bottles, etc.

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9 years ago - It astonishes me as to how many people enter a shot and glaringly haven't read the brief! Lol
9 years ago - ok thx ;)
9 years ago - @davideragusa I think that would be acceptable. I was referring to the ones that you can read the label
9 years ago - you mean even if label are unreadable? I posted some shots :)
9 years ago - Read the brief people.... No labels!