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People are always helping their friends or family move into their new homes! For this challenge, we want you to capture someone helping a friend (or friends) move, using their pickup truck as part of a special promotion for the on-demand app, Buddytruk! The winning photo will not only receive $100 but will also be featured and interviewed on the Buddytruk Blog and Social Media Channels! There will also be an awesome Buddytruk swag bag for you!

Subjects need to be upbeat, smiling, and having fun! Your subjects can be moving anything from a mattress to moving boxes or small items like the examples provided below. The big thing is showcasing the positive attitude people have for helping each other start anew. We would also prefer a pickup truck in the shot as a place for your subjects to place their belongings (see more under "Tips" below).

For reference, Buddytruk is an on-demand mobile app -

- To use a truck or to not use a truck? We would prefer to see a truck in your shot BUT, if you don't have access to one don't let that stop you. The overall message is people helping people move and as long as you showcase, that you're heading in the right direction.
- Smile and smile often - We want to see happy faces so we're not looking for any somber or solemn subjects in your images.
- Need more Inspiration images? Visit the Buddytruk Instagram feed @Buddytruk.

Thanks and good luck!

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