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I need photos showcasing a range of independent craft beers, in cans or bottles, or both. Should be modern and urban style shot, for example, neatly arranged and shot from overhead, or artistically arranged on an urban worktop or table. Ideally just products but people or body parts can be used, so long as they fit the look (young adult, on-trend target audience). The beers must be from independent breweries (preferably available in the UK, but this isn't essential), ideally with interesting looking bottles or cans, or at least a mixture (perhaps with the specific brands obscured) to show that it is a mixed selection of beers that will be delivered (example brands, Goose Island, Beavertown, The Kernel, Mikkeller, Stone). Hero images, so ideally would like some options with plenty of editorial space to the left hand side and room to overlay a logo at top centre or top left. Composite photoshop images acceptable too.

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9 years ago - The request can either be completely rejected or filtered out if the client likes the image enough to do any further editing once purchased. No?
9 years ago - The request can either b
9 years ago - How can that images be RF licensed? There are lots of brand logos on photos! Please anyone explain me.
9 years ago - Love the request! I'll be at a new local micro brew that really does a great job with packaging and promotions of their craft beers. Cheers