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Cliff Hazelton
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I am looking for 5 food related images for my personal recipe web site.

I do a lot of cooking and beer-brewing. I'm creating a personal website for storing recipes (both food and drink) that has different forks of each recipe (think "family tree"). I'd like images of brews, wine and things found in the kitchen: spices, knives/utensils, different kinds of raw food, ingredients, etc. I would welcome finished plated food, closeups of vegetables, anything that is colorful and relates to cooking. Show any cuisine and any method...Indian, Thai, Chinese, American, baking, grilling, pan-frying, etc.

Please try to include Images with human interaction. If you gave me two images, one of a glass of wine sitting on a table and another of a glass of wine being swirled or poured - I'd choose the latter.

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10 years ago - Just testing!
10 years ago - Thank you so much, Cliff. Glad my photo worked out for you!