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We're looking for a series of photos that capture these concepts:
Global Connectedness
Breaking Down Barriers / Opening Doors
Science and Technology
Systemic Change
The photos need to:
Portray these concepts in an inclusive way;
Work well when cropped in landscape format and viewed online;
Silhouettes of people are good, black and white images are good, and a diverse depiction of people is great.

Who we are:
We are a nonprofit educational organization in Massachusetts pioneering an inclusive and modernized model of higher education. We seek to drive innovation and progress throughout the entire system of higher education. Within four years, our organization will convert to a licensed, degree granting university.
What we stand for:
The mission of our organization is to pioneer an inclusive and modernized model of higher education at the frontier intersection of science, technology, and humanity and to drive innovation and progress throughout the entire higher education system.
We envision that individuals of all backgrounds are able achieve their greatest potential and lead lives of purpose and meaning through education. In the world that we seek to empower, cultural, societal and disciplinary differences, which might have once been barriers to exchange, now serve to unite in an interconnected community that utilizes science and technology to foster peace and prosperity.

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Model Release :
Paid Post to Instagram :
Conceptual Education Industrial Abstract Art Cities and Regions Future People Science Technology
Inspirational Images

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6 years ago - Thanx for bringing up the request. Do have a look at my submissions.. Thanx Regards
6 years ago - Thank you for the nominations.
6 years ago - How many pictures are going to be bought?😊
6 years ago - Hi. I've just submitted two pictures hope you like it!
6 years ago - Great brief 😊📷🐝
6 years ago - Hi, I've just submitted my images. I read the brief, your project is amazing and exciting, compliments! Please let me know how I can help you to find the right image you're looking for. Have a look on my submissions and keep in contact! Best. Barbara