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We are looking an image or set of images that shows a person using a computer in a relaxing and minimal environment. Images should give a feeling of an everyday person using a computer, and focus less on a business type feel.

Images should be taken outdoors (however indoors is fine if at a business, coffee shop or another minimalistic setting) and show a person at ease while using their computer. A good amount of copy space should be left open in each image while avoiding distracting elements.
Looking to buy up to 3 images from a series for my website.

Images can be taken from a variety of outdoor scenarios, but should display a feeling of calm and serenity. This service offers relief from stress and frustration by repairing the problems of our customers.

The current website can be found here:

Closed because I could not find the right visual for this project

I could not find photos that worked for this project.

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Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
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8 years ago - Closed because I could not find the right photo for the project. I could not find photos that worked for this project.
8 years ago - @davescomputers, gotcha! I'm in California and surrounded by palm trees :P So I submitted a couple bright indoor shots in case that'd work!
8 years ago - @David Molnar: have uploaded a few shots for you to consider feedback would be appreciated, thanks in advance
8 years ago - @mamafox8 thanks for the photos, however I need someone who is older looking than the person you have featured in the photo.
8 years ago - @posesawkwardly thanks for the photo however, I can't have a picture of a pool or those types of trees in the background. I want my visitors to trust that my business is operated in New Jersey/New York area so the background has to match that area.
8 years ago - @jolopes can I see that style of photo from farther back?
8 years ago - @hizkia_christopher can you provide another example
8 years ago - The person who is on the computer needs to be far back in the background of the photo like the picture Hizkia provided.
8 years ago - I like the direction of Hizkia's photo... I am looking for more photos in that kind of style. Would like to have a caucasian male in the image.