Instruments of Social Change

Educational campaign work
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We are looking for photos of people or setups that evoke the idea of social change and helping others.

The photos should be candid if they're of people, and large enough that we can cut off the head if necessary. Typically, we like headless people, or even just hands. We are looking for people young adult to adult, not teenager or college-aged. Definitely not like Habitat for Humanity – more like something that can evoke disaster relief, goals of nonprofits, therapy sessions and other stuff "good" people do. More occupational vs. volunteering. Also, a painter creating a piece that evokes the idea of art as a catalyst for positive social change is something we really want. Any of these types of things will do, though! Pretty much bright images of people or top-view desk/table setups that evoke a desire for positive social change through work (art, social work, assistance abroad). What does a career in "Peace and Social Justice" look like? Is there a way to make forensics look inspirational?

Thanks so much!

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9 years ago - Wow, so thrilled! Thanks very much for choosing my photo!
9 years ago - Erica, I accidentally deleted my photo from my photo manager and now that this request is in review, I am unable to resubmit. Let me know how this may be resolved. Thanks. Kyle
9 years ago - Thanks so much for the nomination! This photo was of a team brainstorming ways to be more sustainable at work and at home. It was so inspiring to then watch them put their ideas into action! Change can truly start with a sheet of paper and a few ideas :)
9 years ago - Thanks everyone! Upon client approval we will be purchasing several.
9 years ago - Thanks for the nomination. This was taken in Myanmar in a small village outside of Yangon. Totally changed my perspective on social reforms.
9 years ago - Thanks for the nomination!
9 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination!
9 years ago - Thanks for the nomination Erika. The photo was us of a female veteran poetry slam. Those ladies are certainly instruments of social change!