#GetOnWithIt Portraits

Show how an injury won't hold you back
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#GetOnWithIt describes the moment one embraces life after a minor bump or injury. We are looking of photos that inspire our client's new campaign centered on a "can't stop, won't stop" spirit. All ideas should be expressed through your local cultural lens. Must see faces.

We need NATURAL LIGHT photos of there activities examples: cooking, playing music, hockey, training, ballet, snow sports, biking, rock climbing, camping, OR other situations where they no matter what, the subject with the bandage, cut, scrape, blister, burn, callus gets up and they #GetOnWithIt.

1. Real/ authentic PORTRAITS looking at camera: living confidently, passionately. Showing pride in what they are doing. They are proud of who they are.

2. “People getting back to it” - Action shots of doers getting back to their activity or interests after taking a fall or injury.


Other Direction
Photos should show people embracing the idea that when we fall, we get right back up and seize the activities that inspire and drive us forward.



Additional Requirements
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Environment :
Lighting :
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4MP+ (ex: 2272x1704px+)
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Adventure Lifestyle Music People Sports and Recreation Street Travel Youth Culture
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7 years ago - Thank you so very much for purchasing my photo! I feel very grateful that you chose this photo and I am beyond excited!
7 years ago - @derendaholton Since you're new you'll be limited as to which requests and challenges you can submit to. When you are on the main page of a request or challenge there is a green button to the left that (if you are eligible for said request) will say something like "submit a photo". Click that button
7 years ago - Looks like the buyer checked out around 13 days ago. Probably got tired of answering questions about where you could submit from.
7 years ago - I'm new,how do I get started? please help and Thank you.
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7 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!
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7 years ago - why I didn't get nominated for my pic
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7 years ago - Thank you for the nomination! @dicksond
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7 years ago - Thank you for the nomination
7 years ago - Thanks for the nomination 😊
7 years ago - Sorry for my photo being in landscape mode & not portrait mode. I'm not sure why it did that when I submitted it.
7 years ago - @jlw-photos - Must it be sports related? Woodworking/table saw injury (stitches/scar)?
7 years ago - Can I submit from Albania?
7 years ago - @jconejo Yes, Central America is OK.
7 years ago - @nnakcarc We've received a number of United States submissions, and we'd like to encourage more submissions from the other regions listed in the brief.
7 years ago - Hi, from Central America is OK?
7 years ago - Excluded North America? I last time i check was REGIONS: United States Mexico Brazil China Thailand France
7 years ago - @robertbrown The $1,000 will be awarded to an individual photo. Brand identities should be avoided.
7 years ago - @giarolobrigi Yes, you can submit.
7 years ago - So, if I live in Italy, can I submit?
7 years ago - We are looking for more professional documentary style, must show faces and person connecting with the camera to show emotion and passion. It should convey that they were in the midst of an activity; we want to see the sweat or dirt, effort + action behind the shot. No artificial light.
7 years ago - We'd love to see more action shot submissions that reflect local culture in Mexico, Brazil, China, Thailand and France. Actions do not need to be athletic focus, but can focus on any passion.
7 years ago - @dicksond Hello, How many images are you choosing, and what does the $1,000 represent? In other words is $1,000 being awarded to a collection of photos or an individual photo? Also, should brand identities generally be avoided in the photo? Thanks a lot.
7 years ago - Hi. I am from Italy. It means I can't submit?
7 years ago - Please be sure to read the whole brief. We are looking for action or post action shots.