Elderly People

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We are looking for an image to represent Older Americans Month for the 2015 Diversity Calendar.

The image should depict the elderly population in a positive light, tell an interesting story or provide a learning opportunity, and be positive and visually engaging. Preference will be given to photos with additional bio/backstory details. Must have permissions.

One very positive representation would be of previously retired professionals returning to the workplace.

This image will be used as part of the 2015 Diversity Calendar (both print and online versions). As we intend to use the image as part of a for-sale calendar, you MUST be able to provide model releases.

Please do not submit entries that appear overly staged.

Minimum 3000px at the shortest dimension.

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8 years ago - @richard! I'm so sorry I didn't get these messages. I sent a message via email but didn't hear back. Please email me at emmawilkens@gmail.com! Hope to hear from you!
8 years ago - @emilystarwilkens Looks like you haven't seen the last message. We're ready to start the purchase process.
9 years ago - @emilystarwilkens We're interested in purchasing at least one of the images of Dr. Moore. Just want to confirm that you have a model release and the image(s) are at least 3000px on the smallest side. Also, let me know if you have others we should consider for a square crop.
9 years ago - @richard, that sounds good! I think the images I've submitted tell the subjects story the best, although there are others with varying orientations.
9 years ago - @divcal Ok! I can have something for u by Tuesday the latest. Thank u very much, Richard!
9 years ago - @emilystarwilkens we actually use the right side for a bunch of holiday/celebration info (see diversitycalendar.com), so our crop is pretty much square. Do you have other images that would be even better?
9 years ago - @evagolightly We'd be happy to extend the deadline, but I'm not sure how to make that happen... (Just tagged your comment for review to get someone from Snapwire on the line -- hope that's the proper behavior).
9 years ago - Richard, is it possible to extend the deadline? :-)
9 years ago - Thank you for the nomination, Richard! Because you are using it for a calendar, do you prefer a landscape orientation?
9 years ago - Please note that we're specifically NOT looking for lifestyle images of elderly people. We fully expect that the winning image will be of an older business owner, worker, or boomerang retiree.