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I would like to share my photos.
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I love nature and Let's care about it together.
#ocean #sunrise #sunset #birds @zubreskova

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7 years ago - Thank you for the nomination
7 years ago - Our planet is beautiful!
7 years ago - @Robin Keffe That's true , will find out soon :-)
7 years ago - @happypepe: Not a complaint, just an observation that @Elena Zubreskova may not have meant to be a buyer, but misunderstood how to post a personal portfolio.
7 years ago - Hi Elena, just submitted a couple of images, I hope you like and enjoy them enough to maybe nominate or buy them. Many thanks, Lisa
7 years ago - Why do we complain? If you don't think this is not right for you do not submit it simple is that , every person can be buyer in here.
7 years ago - No, this can't be a buyer, he says he would like to share his photo's, shouldn't be doing that, but oh well, I wanted to share mine too :P
7 years ago - hi to all :-)
7 years ago - #snapwire ...... Request???? Dont get it, is this realy a buyer?
7 years ago - I also think @Elena Zubreskova may be unclear about how to post to Snapwire and this is not meant to be a challenge.
7 years ago - None of my pictures seem to meet the requirements. and I'm not sure why. I will keep trying.
7 years ago - This doesn't seem like a challenge rather you are looking to share your photos?
7 years ago - I love nature! I will be posting lots of Butterflies that I took when I traveled to Dow Gardens. Enjoy!
7 years ago - So excited to try this challenge. I love how beautiful nature is. Check out my pics if you get a chance.
7 years ago - @Elena Zubeskova Hi! I like nature too. I posted two of my photos here. Please nominate, if You like them! Thanks.
7 years ago - @Elena Zubeskova Great challenge , thanks for the opportunity.