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We are a PR agency with two offices on the west coast.

We are currently overhauling our brand ID and website and need 3-5 correlating images.

Per the company description below, we are looking for slightly masculine, gritty, popping images that showcase the concept of "satiating the needs of hungry brands." Slab of meat on butcher paper, full mouth, hands gripping fork/ images that suggest a "feast of success," but that don't put us solely in the Food and Beverage space (we do tech, hospitality, and lifestyle too).

We focused on challenger lifestyle brands that are HUNGRY for a real piece of the marketshare. We FEED media with MEATY content and story angles while SATIATING the needs and desires of our clients and consumers. Our staff is FRESH and SEASONED, i.e. we are veteran practitioners who stay ahead of the trends.

Hoping this is clear and inspires!

Additional Requirements
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Environment :
Lighting :
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Food and Drink Lifestyle Objects People
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7 years ago - hello,is it OK to use kid in the imagery to express the concept of hunger? thx