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Challenge time!

Looking for 1 hero shot. The photo will be used as inspiration for a movie poster for our upcoming original film 'IT ENDS NOW!'. The film will create awareness for domestic violence.

Please submit original work that includes a model(s) in the photos you submit. We prefer edited shots with the faded effect. Full color.

In addition to having the photos for inspiration, we will be using this image on our social media campaign & the movie's landing page.

Ideas: Model can wear some ripped clothing (physical abuse implied), perhaps standing in a the middle of a crowd that doesn't notice him/her. Model would need to be close. Remember, it's a movie poster that will be featuring a character from the movie. City background? - open to other background concepts. Model should be facing towards the camera. //NO WEAPONS//

Again, we are only seeking inspiration/concepts. Our actors/models can portray what we're looking for.

Additional information: City/downtown, alleyway backgrounds would work well.

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Photo Size :
2MP+ (ex: 1600x1200px+)
Model Release :
Required (if applicable)
Paid Post to Instagram :
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Messages posted by users

8 years ago - Nice challenge @evolve thanks for the nom
8 years ago - We'd like to thank everyone that took the time to enter our challenge! However, there could only be one winner this time. If you'd like to follow the progress of our movie, please visit for updates!
8 years ago - Great pic @christopherperry congrats!
8 years ago - This is the end for this challanges ? The best photo have been purchased :(
8 years ago - Please take a look at my submissions. I work as a therapist with domestic violence survivors and think they portray what a victim may feel
8 years ago - @peteross We'll check it out now 👍
8 years ago - @justinbrodt Unfortunately not for this challenge.
8 years ago - Hi......i know you were looking for conspess, hope this one helps...alittle different but, it sadly works in this case...hope you like the pic.....manythanks :)
8 years ago - Any chance of this request getting extended a little longer?
8 years ago - @benwooten I think my photo like urs :3
8 years ago - @benwooten Like the direction you're going!
8 years ago - The problem is solved ,, Thank i
8 years ago - Im waiting change to upload my pic
8 years ago - Ok I will , thank you ;)
8 years ago - @mohamedali Hmm, we'll change it to accept both landscape & portrait. You might want to reach out to Snapwire and let them know.
8 years ago - When I trying to upload pic , app saying that my photo is landscape and it must be portrait but my pic is already portrait :/
8 years ago - @mohamedali which photo?
8 years ago - @justinbrodt We did take a look at it. Looking forward to hopefully seeing your other concept!
8 years ago - My photo is portrait ,, And they said it's landscape !!
8 years ago - uploaded one photo. Have a really good idea for another if time and resources allow.
8 years ago - @mariceljoslyn Yes, we have noticed.. We'd love to see any concepts you have!
8 years ago - Most of the photos on here is so far from being abused!
8 years ago - @colekatz Liking your shots as well 👍👍
8 years ago - @pavelmrnv Very nice shot!
8 years ago - Hello @justinbrodt, yes that's correct. Looking forward to seeing your submission
8 years ago - By reading the brief it sounds to me like you are looking for a photo that implies physical abuse has taken place. Am I correct when interpreting the brief this way? Have a good idea if so and if I can pull it off.
8 years ago - In the brief it clearly states that 'guns are not necessary', not exactly forbidden. (We'll change that) we have contacted Snapwire regarding this mix-up. We encourage you to contact them directly as well. We do apologize for the inconvenience.
8 years ago - @everyone Before submitting your submission, ask yourself, 'is this something I would see in a movie theater? '
8 years ago - @shelleykennedy Hello, Yes, it is quite distant. The images are simply for inspiration. It's a look we'd like to explore. We need the images to highlight a character. (no guns)
8 years ago - @orijitchaliha Very good submissions!
8 years ago - Hello everyone, we'll be giving feedback today!
8 years ago - please disregard the previous message. I did find my photos. :)
8 years ago - may I ask why my photos that I submitted are not showing up anymore under submitted photos? Were they inappropriate? I haven't received any messages but the photos (2) are not there.
8 years ago - Hi there. I've read the brief and it's a hugely important topic area. Am I missing something though as the pictures given fir inspiration seem quite distant from the brief.
8 years ago - finally finished my shots, submitted two of them, I hope they are what you are looking for. :)
8 years ago - Submitted few pictures. Hope you like them.
8 years ago - @rmalo5aapi You're welcome! What would you consider a 'not so awkward' compensation for this challenge? Please note the amount of exposure global exposure one would be receiving for shooting the original inspiration photo for our movie poster.
8 years ago - @starrsalvatore That's not what we meant. Please see our inspiration photos on our brief.(You can use the 'Faded' app if you like)
8 years ago - Thank you for the invite! But I find this compensation for such complex work is awkward, actually.
8 years ago - please forgive my lack of knowledge, when you say faded effect, are you asking that we use the faded photo app?
8 years ago - @ram_photopro You're quite welcome. We'd love to see other concepts you might have!
8 years ago - @starrsalvatore Of course it's okay! We just ask that they're 18+ yo.
8 years ago - @MegP 100%
8 years ago - Thanks for the nomination @evolve I really appreciate it #movieposter
8 years ago - I have a sensitive question, is a plus size model okay for this request?
8 years ago - Especially dealing with the subject matter and specifics of the request I find it disturbing that photographers would submit anything other than proper content for this.
8 years ago - So true @diegomendez I feel this way about so many of the requests!
8 years ago - I know my post didn't follow your suggestion ideas, but I did take a spin off of it! Often people forget the despair of a child who is a witness to the abuse!
8 years ago - Looking forward to seeing your submission! @starsalvatore
8 years ago - Feel free to enter our challenge! ☺ @diegomendez
8 years ago - We've noticed 😧.. @diegomendez
8 years ago - i have a few photos that are being edited, I will post in next couple of days.
8 years ago - I feel like nobody reads the description and just posts just to post -_-