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I want an authentic photo, no face, emotional details, papers pen, a desk an hand...

If the photo is filtered, a good shot, like this kind of photography from will be acceptable.

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9 years ago - Due to an inability for the creator of this request to come to a final decision, it has been closed by Snapwire.
9 years ago - i'm just checking the best shot for me, thank you for your submission. I'm taking time to decide...
9 years ago - hi all, it's not a spam. i'm real ;)
9 years ago - What will the photo be used for? Are there specific elements your looking for like specific instruments or settings?
9 years ago - @julesinlr - There was a typo on the URL described in the request. Buyer was referencing Thanks for commenting.
9 years ago - Have to say this seems like spam as the link is suspect...