A happy, young couple from a selfie perspective

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I need a photo of a couple (young, cool) making a selfie of themself. the picture must be taken from a phone perspective.

photos should not look stock or posed :) we need it for a visualization of building. The couple will be cut out and put in a rendered 3d graphic. Below You can find a reference picture and the final render perspective.
The couple will be on the left side of the render so the photo has to look like taken in front of the buildings as close as possible to the perspective seen on the 3d model.
Nor had or hands can but cut.
Closer to a selfie perspective the better.
People have to look european or even better from easter europe.
I need the pciture really fast.

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8 years ago - Yay, congrats on speedy sale Shauna, really nice photo, I bet you've never though that selfies could bring in some revenue :) I think I've changed my mind for submitting my selfies lol