A crowded refrigerator door

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Looking for photos of a cluttered, friendly refrigerator door.

Natural lighting, very everyday, amateur look. As if a sports fan has tacked a bunch of paraphernalia to their door and you've casually taken a photo of it on your phone or simple digital camera (though items on fridge don't have to be of sports things. Regular paper items are fine.) Image should be in focus but no special lighting or depth of field desired.

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9 years ago - @buyer @GenevieveDellinger Do you like any of these?
9 years ago - I submitted several photos let me know if you would like a different variation for the shot you have in mind
9 years ago - Do you need a picture of the entire door? Is it ok if part of the kitchen counters are on the picture? And is it ok to have pictures along with other things on the door? Thank you
9 years ago - Are you thinking vertical or horizontal shots Genevieve?
9 years ago - Just uploaded some pics@genevievedellinger, please let me know if you want a variation of these photos or something else and I can try to shoot additional pictures based on your criteria Carl