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A portrait of a couple. Background: in front of a house, or perhaps in some other domestic setting (eg, sitting on the couch, in the kitchen).

The couple: The woman should be emphasized. For example, maybe she is looking at the camera and her husband is looking away or maybe she is standing front-and-center, and her husband is sitting on the doorstep in the background. Both white, in their early 30s, on the good-looking side of average. She is smiling, but not in a stock-y way. The couple should be around 40% of the area of the picture. If you take a landscape format shot, the couple should be on the right half. The inspirational photos would work, except for the fact that the woman isn't emphasized in them and they look too posed.

The background: not as important, can be blurred. The point is that the couple just bought a house for the first time. No real estate signs, please. The house should be single-family detached, archetypal, classic, well-kept, not too modern or McMansion-y, on the good-looking side of average. Normal American starter home.

These are photos needed for personas. No filters or odd effects. Well-lit, no shadows.

We also need a head and shoulders shot of the same woman by herself. This could just be a crop of the image, as long as the crop's background isn't too busy and the husband isn't too close in the original, or it could be a separate photo of her against a neutral background. Raw files preferred.

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