Doctor on Video Call

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We want an authentic looking photo of a doctor on a video call. We want to use this photo in mockups to show how someone looks in a video call on either a smartphone or computer. (We don't want a computer or phone within the shot - just the photo that goes in a mockup of a computer or phone)

We are open regarding gender, age, race, etc.

Doctor should be dressed the part in either scrubs or a lab coat. They can have a stethoscope, be wearing a headset, earbuds, or other props.

Model can be looking directly at the camera or slightly off as tends to happen on a real video conference call.

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8 years ago - Thank you for the nominations.
8 years ago - OK, thanks, that helped a lot!
8 years ago - Hi.... I'll be putting the photos within my own computer and mobile mockups, so no, I don't want the computer or phone within the shot. I added those examples for a video chat because I liked the authentic look to them. I could always add the TV interlace effect afterwards to the photo.
8 years ago - I'm asking this because I can retake the shots only of a female doctor in high resolution images if you need that so you can put in all your screens..or you need real sense of a video call as every video call has the grain etc...I uploaded all the real video calls shots for now...
8 years ago - You don't want computer or phones within the shots but examples you provided have a laptop and you need only the photo of a doctor or real video call (photo taken on computer or phone - with that grain looks?) ?