A smiling man + woman staring at an iPad

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We need one photo of a smiling man + woman who are looking at an iPad where a web schedule from www.supersaas.it is shown. Will be used on web.

Photo should not look stock but authentic. No filters or other effects. Should convey easiness to use, relaxed feelings and have a warm but modern tone. Please have both a male and female model in each photo.

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8 years ago - I submitted 3 picture and I have 3 more to upload as soon as I can. I hope they're what you're looking for. Thank you
8 years ago - @willmilne over-the-shoulder shot will not let me see the faces, only the iPad. I need a picture where I can see both the smiling faces AND the iPad on a specific website (which must be clearly visible).
8 years ago - Are you wanting an over-the-shoulder shot that you can see the iPad on that url, or are you just wanting a shot from any angle of a man and a woman holding an iPad to place on that URL?