Ambassador Challenge - Get Low

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Get Low: The best photo will be awarded $225. In addition, the most creative shots will be chosen for the Snapwire Premium Collection.

I want to see photos that are taken from a very low point of view. Most effective when shooting from the ground up. I like to flip my phone upside down to get the least amount of space between the floor and my phone lens. Play with different angles or subject matters. Try shooting interesting architecture, portraits, sports, or even puddle reflections! Don't be afraid to post DSLR shots with a wide prime lens that can really push the depth of field to its limits. Have fun and be creative!

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10 years ago - Congrats, to Troy @tcarpent – what a great image. And thanks to Andrew @the_gris, for hosting this fun challenge. I'm sure it was tough to make your final choice! I definitely feel lucky to have made it into the final running amongst so many great entires! :)
10 years ago - I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that submitted photos to this challenge. Absolutely incredible photos all around!! I truly hope everyone had fun with it. Also a big thanks to Snapwire for letting me help with this challenge!! Congrats Troy! See you on Instagram! Find me @the_gris
10 years ago - Thanks for the nomination, Andrew. Much appreciated. :)
10 years ago - Thanks so much for the nomination! 😁
10 years ago - Gonna pick my own photo..duh!!!
10 years ago - Haha well let's be honest, you know which one is the winner! It's just hard to confirm it because they are all brilliant but also very different and you only get one winner! But ya man, super stoked for all the participation you got for this request!
10 years ago - Just kidding buddy! It's going to be freaking hard. So many shots!! 😁
10 years ago - Quiet Sean!!!
10 years ago - Pick me pick me!!
10 years ago - Gosh you guys are awesome!! You are very welcome. Some absolutely incredible photos and with over 1000 to choose from it's going to be tough. Will look them through one last time and pick a winner in the next day or so. Thanks to everyone that submitted photos! Find me on Instagram @the_gris too!!
10 years ago - Woo hoo! Thanks for the nomination :)
10 years ago - Thank you very much for the nomination. Really appreciate it.
10 years ago - Many thanks for the nomination, A 🙏
10 years ago - There are some great shots here! Thanks for the nomination Andrew!
10 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination! I am so thankful to be considered among all these other great photographers. Thank you thank you!
10 years ago - You bet guys! Keep those shots coming. 3 days left!! So many incredible photos. Hope to sit down again tonight and check out a few more for nominations.
10 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination!!
10 years ago - Thanks for the nomination Andrew! These are great!
10 years ago - JILL!! Glad to see you on here. So pumped to see all these submissions. Absolutely incredible and that shot of yours is stunning!!
10 years ago - Thanks Cyn! Glad you like it
10 years ago - Oh wow! Thanks for the nomination @the_gris. I'm just getting my feet wet here and figuring out how it all works.
10 years ago - Sweet challenge Andrew!!
10 years ago - It's all good man, glad you have a humor about it all. Everyone calls me a pig because apparently "gris" means pig in every language but mine. Haha!! Then people ask why I go by "pig".
10 years ago - Nice one Christian!
10 years ago - Thanks for the nomination man! Loving the challenge and creativity from everyone!
10 years ago - Bahaha no doubt man! It's funny because sooooo many people see Seacannon and call me Sean and it cracks me up that they don't bother reading my name
10 years ago - Cheers for the nomination 👊
10 years ago - Thanks for the nomination Andrew.
10 years ago - Trying to manage nominations on my laptop and do comments on phone as notifications come in. Either way keep those shots coming.
10 years ago - Dang it!! Christian*** Haha. All because I was going to be clever and use your IG name.
10 years ago - Haha. Meant to type Seacannon!! Haha Sorry Chrsitian!!
10 years ago - Who's Sean? ;-)
10 years ago - Seriously Mat and Sean! You guys are absolutely killing it on there! Cant wait to see more shots. DSLR shots are totally welcome too, I shoot with my 50 1.4 all the time and love snapping away at the widest aperture.
10 years ago - Thanks for the nominations dude!!! Adding some more now!!
10 years ago - Thanks for the nomination Andrew - just added my DSLR stuff now too.
10 years ago - Love it too!
10 years ago - Thanks Andrew, I love your 'grams too!
10 years ago - Awesome challenge!
10 years ago - Super challenge... And fun to do!
10 years ago - Hey Mat!! Can't wait to see em. Love your work on Instagram!!
10 years ago - Hey Kashif! Glad to hear it. Can't wait to see all the shots!!
10 years ago - Awesome challenge Andrew! I've got some shots coming for this for sure.
10 years ago - I'm loving this challenge already