Cute Expressive Baby Portrait

Gurgle Magazine Cover
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Eyes open wide and looking at camera.

Clean background, can be a light colour, but nothing too distracting

Must have hair-but not too much so that they look old

Boy or girl is fine but ideally it should look almost unisex-so you’re unsure whether it’s a boy or girl.

Must be doing something expressive-cheeky looks are great, hand up to face or in mouth, pouting lips,
sucking thumb, sticking tongue out. Any of these are good!

Does not have to be smiling but must never look sad.

Should be all in focus.

Should be shot from a low angle, as we pop the baby’s head over the logo.

(UPDATE: We are not seeing what they need yet so the price has increased from $200 to $300 and the time has been extended to give you time to set up the shoot and since this is an ongoing need but we would still like to see images as soon as possible to make the upcoming issue.)

Closed because I could not find the right visual for this project

Hi i've had an email from snapwire to close the request. there's nothing there yet but am happy to keep it rolling if possible?

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Messages posted by users

8 years ago - Closed because I could not find the right photo for the project. Hi i've had an email from snapwire to close the request. there's nothing there yet but am happy to keep it rolling if possible?
8 years ago - I have edited the picture which I think you can get a better use for your magazine, hope you like it
8 years ago - @Nicola Friens Hi, just uploaded a shoot, this can be edited if needed please let me know rather you are interested or not Thx
8 years ago - Im going to shoot monday, i hope iTS not to late
8 years ago - @Gurgle @NicoleFriend I just uploaded a shot to my page that might be perfect!
8 years ago - @Gurgle @NicolaFriend I'm trying to organise a shoot with a 10months baby boy, what should he be wearing ideally? Love to hear your feedback. thanks
8 years ago - @nicolafriend hoping your satisfied w my shot
8 years ago - Is black and white ok?
8 years ago - What about darker background like a dark wood? Can the photo be taken from above? Thanks
8 years ago - Thanks all for your submissions, please remember, we need to use this on the cover, so the baby needs to have all of it's head in the shot. Part crops will not work for us i'm afraid. Some lovely shots coming in but nothing that's quite right for us yet.
8 years ago - Hi, yes, hats are fine, as long as there is space all the way around the top as we pop it over the logo
8 years ago - How many photos I can submit? Can I submit with baby wearing hat? Thanks
8 years ago - @gurgle Thanks for the invite! I'm shooting a couple of infants over the next few days and will upload images asap.
8 years ago - @gurgle hello! Please enjoy taking a look at my photos. I submitted 3. One white bg, one off white and one grey. All have negative space. Thanks for looking!
8 years ago - @SharpGypsy thanks, light grey/white is great thank you.
8 years ago - @gurgle Hi! I just wanted to let you know I am traveling from California to Kanas. I'm staying in Kanas for a few days to do a photo shoot for your magazine, then I'm going to Nebraska and South Dakota for more photo shoots. What light color background would you prefer?
8 years ago - I've submitted a new one (in green washing basket) which I can lighten/whiten up if it makes it a better fit.
8 years ago - @nicole @gurgle I reached my limit on submissions!
8 years ago - My post has a watermark , I do have it without the watermark. Should I replace it or wait to see if you need it
8 years ago - Hello! I just submitted a couple from a session today. If there is something else specific I could improve on please let me know! My son was not his typical self so I'm hoping we can try again in the next week or so.
8 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination, ill see what I Can come up with...😇
8 years ago - Many thanks for your feedback @gurgle! I'll keep that in mind for this weekend.
8 years ago - Hi i have tried to respond to most of you but not sure you have recieved the response as it's not showing here?
8 years ago - @gurgle Thanks for the invite! I uploaded some pics that I took of my niece this past weekend exclusively for this request. This Saturday I'll take some photos of a 3 month old, maybe something comes out that works for you. Sue's nominated pic is gorgeous!
8 years ago - Hi @jcRipper thanks for the submission, in terms of feedback, the background and her top are quite distracting and the lighting isn't quite right for us at the moment, have a look at the covers that i've uploaded of the last three months to see what we usually go for. Thanks so much
8 years ago - Thanks for the invite, I'll see what I can do
8 years ago - I have uploaded a few from a recent shoot, I will also be taking some of my daughter in the next few days, sticking as closely to your brief as I can! Thanks for the invite again!
8 years ago - Ditto what Justin and Sue said- feedback would be great please. I've been trying to get the look you want, but maybe I need to work on my little model's expressions! I'll give it another shot over the next couple of days.
8 years ago - Thanks for the invite @Gurgle @NicolaFriend I would love some feedback on my submissions. You nominated a great shot of mine which is on seamless. Is that the look you want?
8 years ago - Thanks for the invite @gurgle @Nicola Friend! I plan to set up another shot this weekend. Any feedback from my earlier submissions will be helpful towards getting the shot you want. Thanks!
8 years ago - Hi everyone, the price has just been increased yay! Would love to see you go out and shoot this since they need a very specific look. Try to stick with the Creative Brief as closely as possible. If you are setting something up please update the buyer here in the comments :)
8 years ago - Thanks @gurgle for nomination ...
8 years ago - Sue, I absolutely love your baby with the goggles. Good luck!
8 years ago - @gurglemagazinecover - i think I met all your stipulations for a great cover...Hoping to get some feedback!