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Images of the cities below. Something that represents the city i.e. a famous bridge, a well known building, a well known statue etc.

Photography Examples:

City List:
Dallas Love
Los Angeles
San Francisco

Intimacy and Scale
There's power in feeling incredibly close and cozy just as there is in feeling small in the presence of vastness. Think of pictures that depict the shared experience of a road trip: the cups of coffee, bugs on the windshield, and the blur of head banging to a metal song.

Widescreen (Cinematic)
Movies take us places: When the lights go down in the theater, silence takes over, you are transported to another place and time. Like a movie, our photos should be intentional and inviting. There’s foreground and background, blocking, focus, light, and story. No two images the same but together they create a narrative full of emotion.

Glare is good. The color of imagery should be warm in tone, like wearing amber sunglasses. Sometimes when you're taking a picture with your iPhone through the window, there are sun spots overwhelming the image because it's so bright. That's the beauty of light: It sometimes shines so brightly that you can't even see.

Perspective signifies the driver’s, or photographer's, unique take on the world. The images should feel like they were "seen" by a person, not a camera on a tripod.

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9 years ago - @handsomeadam - Can you confirm that you are only looking for images from the select cities listed in your brief?
9 years ago - Holler if you ever need shots of MPLS!
9 years ago - Photos from Japan ✌️
9 years ago - Submitted few photos from SFO. Thanks