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National Milk Campaign
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Look for artsy, artistic, and creative ways to showcase white milk through typography, props, drawings, etc.

Check out our Instagram for more ideas and overall feel:

Would like to see creative uses of white milk (see examples below) with a modern, fun feel.

Requesting artistic images featuring typography that highlights milk. Sayings could include "Milk Life," "8 Grams of Protein," "Wake Up to Milk," "Every Morning Should Start With Milk" "Power Your Potential with Milk," etc. Not all typography images need to include a glass of milk.

Also requesting milk to be seen in cool, visually pleasing ways. Think striped straws in cool, clear glasses. Please look at Starbucks Instagram for inspiration and overall feel.

Inspirational Images

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8 years ago - Please check out my collection, on my page. There was one more picture that I wanted to submit. Thanks! :)
8 years ago - Thanks a bunch for the purchase!
8 years ago - Thanks so much for the purchase!
8 years ago - @hudsonka88 Thank you for the nomination!
8 years ago - Brilliant!! Thanx for the nom :)