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We need object focused photos that convey the sense of having to make a tough choice when shopping.

No models required - so the shots should be focused on the retail items themselves. We need to communicate the story whereby the consumer (i.e. the POV of the shot) is spoilt for choice in a retail environment - so it's going to be a tough choice for them to choose just 1 item, but ultimately whatever they choose they will feel rewarded because the options are so great. It could be a spread of different objects, or a spread of the same object in different colors etc.

We're focused primarily on gender neutral shopping environments, so it could be electronics, home ware, kitchenware, furnishings etc. Not to masculine and not too feminine.

The objects on display should look attractive and colorful, and ideally the shots should have some drama to them by way of image composition, cropping, depth of field etc. The attached image is the one we have approved to date - so we need more similar images to this.

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9 years ago - If the time for the request would be expended I'm sure I could help you.
9 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination! Gracias!