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We're on the look out for awesome photos of musicians doing cool things, like playing concerts, in front of a crowd, in a public park, loading in, etc

The goal is to communicate the many different ways musicians exist, share their voice and are successful today, so we're looking for a range of instruments and approaches. I'd love to have the classical musician in a tux in a great concert hall AND the folk musician playing to a small crowd in a living room AND the indie band jamming out in a Brooklyn bar. We're trying to capture musicians as characters. Not as interested in the very generic close up of instrument shots.

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9 years ago - Thank you so much for purchasing my photo!!
9 years ago - Thank you for purchasing my photo!
9 years ago - Thank you!!
9 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination!!!
9 years ago - Thanks for the nominations!
9 years ago - Disclaimer: This is not legal advise - as I am not qualified to give it. Just a photog caring and sharing.
9 years ago - I think this is worth stating: please have written releases from these artists - things could get hairy quickly without them. Verbal consent/press passes are not enough.
9 years ago - I looked back at my paperwork, I should be golden.
9 years ago - Thanks for the nomination, Ian!
9 years ago - Thanks so much for the nomination! @iantemple
9 years ago - Thanks for the nomination @iantemple.
9 years ago - I'm wondering about permissions as a lot of my images will be from bands and individuals that I'm not able to contact now.
9 years ago - Do we need to get the musicians permission before posting if they were photographed preforming in a public venue?
9 years ago - Thanks for the nomination. I have a few other pictures with i different feel to them. I hope you like them.