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Need photos of models wearing different types of shirts (womens vneck/crew/fullsleeve, mens crew/fullsleeve, etc).

The photos of the models need to be shot on grey shirts, which we will colorize in post production afterwards for all our inventory and put our designs on top. The model needs to be perfectly square to the camera with the shirts having very little wrinkles. Just imagine having to super impose a vector design on the shirt and the challenges of wrinkles and body being square and not having to worry about skewing/warping the vector. The models ideally would be outdoors in park type settings or in-front of light colored urban textured backgrounds.

Would need usage rights to web and print and model rights. Our demographic requires models that are caucasian, semi athletic build, aged between 28-35 range.

Front and back for the following styles (12 photos)

mens crew tshirt
mens hoodie sweatshirt
mens full sleeve shirt
womens vneck tshirt
womens hoodie sweatshirt
womens full sleeve shirt

After this successful run, we will be adding more styles and will need more photos.

We are also looking for some hero photos for large web banners. Where the model is in a more natural pose with a nice but neutral background (need some clean areas for text)


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9 years ago - @snapwire : Has the buyer decided not to go with any of the shots that have been uploaded feedback would be nice, even if its none of these are right for us
9 years ago - @Inder Nagra: I am sure that this is more of what you are looking for got home earlier and tried to get this in for you to look at, hopefully worth a nomination and some feed back
9 years ago - Opinions on what I uploaded and how it could be improved?
9 years ago - @indernagra. I uploaded one photo, let me know if this is what you're looking. I can shoot back side if you want. Cheers
9 years ago - @djarmine not quite what we are looking for. Thanks.
9 years ago - @indernagra thanks in advance
9 years ago - Hi ive uploaded 3 pictures, can you pls take a look and tell me what is right what is wrong , So i can make corrections
9 years ago - I am going to set up a shoot for this! Hopefully, it will help you & me! :)
9 years ago - @alexhd57 per photo
9 years ago - Is the suggested fee per photo or for the package of 12?
9 years ago - Thanks @ Inder Nagra sorry for the mis read
9 years ago - Read the brief people!!!
9 years ago - Faces don't need to be shown. Neck would be fine. Grey shirts with jeans is fine. No mention of skirts in brief.
9 years ago - Does the face of the models need to be shown or just like the photos you have on show and is it ok for the men to wear jeans I ask as you say the women need to wear grey skirts
9 years ago - I'll look into setting up a shoot for your specific request. If you have any further requests feel free to contact me at