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We are looking for a young or middle aged man/woman looking at an iPhone in a busy shopping street, artisan cafe, lively restaurant and specialist grocery/deli/bakery environment. Smartphone screen facing the camera, in portrait orientation. It should have depth of field of the surrounding environment and shot in landscape format please.

N.B. If on the street it must look like a European city (London/Paris/Berlin etc.)

This is part 1 of a 3 part request. We’d really like to see images that go together visually across the 3 requests for a new smartphone application. (Browsing a smartphone on the go - Enjoying food and drink with a smartphone in view - Employee entering information into a smartphone).

The images should reflect the spontaneity of people using the application in their daily routine. We are looking for a set of photos that work together (colours, style, model, location etc.) to be used in print and digital based marketing.

If anything is unclear, please feel free to ask us a question.

Good luck and happy shooting!

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Messages posted by users

7 years ago - how do I submit a model release
7 years ago - I have photos in all three challenges, take a look...they are at somehow matching, combining... thanks for one nomination also!
7 years ago - Is the I-phone mandatory or any smartphone will do?
7 years ago - Thanks for the nomi!;)
7 years ago - @mountainrun - Like the perspective of the person using their phone in your shot. Would be great to see this inside of a coffee shop, grocery store. Maybe take a look at our other requests, we are looking for some from an employee point of view too. Good work!
7 years ago - @AlwaysCaptivatingYou - Loving this but may need some more detail in the background. Would really like to see this recreated in a busy street, artisan coffee shop and grocery store. Good work!
7 years ago - @firdausjfr - Like the angle of this photo. Would be great to see this inside an artisan coffee shop, restaurant and grocery store.
7 years ago - @ChristianGuiton - I like your phone perspective. Would love to see some more in an artisan coffee shop, grocery store, shopping street. Good work!
7 years ago - @samstradas - Like this shot but would like to see them looking at their phone. Maybe another in a similar position looking at the phone with a sandwich etc. in hand? This is really close. Of coffee shop/grocery store scene would be fantastic! Good work!
7 years ago - @BradyAmbroPhotos - Like the setup but just not enough of a shopping street scene detail in shot.
7 years ago - @IAKOVOS_IOANNIDIS - Like the phone browsing scene you created. Would be nice to see a few more! Thanks.
7 years ago - @RufuDifi - Like your photo, could maybe do with some more like this with one looking over the shoulder and the screen in view with a coffee house/grocery store scene in the background?
7 years ago - @joshliberman - Your photo is on the right track. Maybe one in a coffee house or grocery store would be good. Presenting/showing the phone to a cashier/waitress would be another great shot. Good work. Maybe take a look at our our other requests in the series?