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Jeff Anton
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Looking for a photo of a cat face, straight on. Please make sure background is light or white.

Natural lighting and a close up of a cat face looking straight on toward the camera. Needing white background behind the cat.

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10 years ago - Thank you so much, Vicki!
10 years ago - @xoazuree Such a lovely photo of what looks to be a perfectly sweet little kitty! Congrats on the purchase! :)
10 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!!
10 years ago - Just posted some, any direction from those? Can easily take more if needed.
10 years ago - Excellent. Will upload some shots tonight. Always open to shoot again if the background isn't quite there. Car will be a grey with green eyes.
10 years ago - Thanks so much for the nomination!
10 years ago - Thanks for clarifying your intentions to knock out the background. In the future, that would be an important detail to include in your brief. :)
10 years ago - @rockherlara we would knock out the background so if you'd like to clip i out we can see. We've nominated the closest so far...
10 years ago - So far I don't have many with light backgrounds but if you like either one of my cats I can try for a light background or edit one of the photos I already have