Woman invigorated about life

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I am looking for a hero image of a woman who is excited and invigorated about life. The image will be used for the landing page of a health website.

Capture a woman's excitement about feeling good and alive. The woman should be around 30 years old and dressed fairly hip. Simple backgrounds are ideal and can be indoors or out.

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8 years ago - Hey Jason thank you! Yeah I think I have a bigger size and I don't have this shot horizontal but I do have one of the same girl jumping in Joshua tree. I'll submit again!
8 years ago - Would love to see more images of women even more excited about life, horizontal and around 25-35. @Jennifer Tunberg you are on the right track. Do you have one that is horizontal or a larger size?
8 years ago - I submitted a photo in black and white. If there is interest and color is preferred, I can accommodate.