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Minimal, abstract, photos that imply work, office lifestyle, problem solving, collaboration, etc.

Minimal, abstract photos that imply collaborative, tech, oriented work. Coding, diagraming, discussing, pondering, etc. Small vignettes of objects/spaces that imply work are welcome. Light, white, bright - nothing dark please.

Minimal: Copy will be placed on-top of these, so the less busy-ness the better. Large unobstructed areas of color, space, gradients are welcome. Light, white, bright - nothing dark please.

Abstract: Show the least amount of content/subject matter to relay what is happening.

Samples: Please combine the subject matter and feel from the first two samples, with the execution of the ultra-simple, light, white, almost-abstract, record sample. Thx.

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8 years ago - There are some really great images here but the client didn't see one that fit his description close enough. This request will close and we will select our favorites for the Snapwire Collection for another chance to sell you images.
8 years ago - Big thing here is just following the brief to the letter. Office / creative / work environment. Imply collaboration and problem solving. Maybe show people, or imply them. Minimal. Clean. Bright/light backgrounds. Thx.
8 years ago - Hey, thank you for your nomination. I'm glad, that you like my visual toughts of your brief
8 years ago - @shifla the pen and paper/diagram thing is great. But I need about a 90% reduction in the actual detail/subject matter. It needs to be barely there.
8 years ago - Realizing landscape (more horizontal) composition will work best. Thx.
8 years ago - I'll pay $50/photo. The stupid form reset my input – I put $50. Will pay 50. Thx.