Same sex couple showing off engagement rings

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Custom fine jewelry designer looking for tasteful/elegant photos of same sex couples (male or female) with their engagement rings.

For high end custom jeweler marketing engagement rings to same sex couples. Looking for...well, authentic, non trite looking photos. Stock photo sites have butch and feminine stereotyped photos, photos of absurdly hot men shirtless on the beach, and so forth. I'm marketing to actual couples who don't usually conform to those mores. Outdoors is good, if interior it should be upscale.

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9 years ago - Thank you for the nomination ;-)
9 years ago - Wow people really don't know what same sex means
9 years ago - The*
9 years ago - Thankyou so much for the nomination and he purchase!
9 years ago - @phough I don't think people understand what same sex is, or the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring. Either that or nobody's done a shoot like this and they're hoping something vaguely similar might work.
9 years ago - I don't think people understand same sex? It should be pretty obvious but looking at the submitted photos maybe not
9 years ago - u mean gay and lesbian?