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We'd love to see portraits - including close up shots - of men / women with expressions of engagement and focus and mental effort.

These photos could be of artists, athletes, craftsmen, outdoors people, soldiers; regular folks engaged in other activities: Anyone meeting the description above, **except** for stock imagery, of an office person looking at a laptop (gasp!), e.g. We're looking for uncommon ideas on this theme.

What do you look like when you're in action, focused on a creative, enlivening, engrossing but demanding task that takes mental (and possibly physical) energy to accomplish? We want you to capture that moment in others for us. Observers of the photos should want to know what the subject is doing, feeling, thinking....

Other Notes: Don't mistake this request for photos of angry people. :)

We'd like to purchase 4-5+ complementary images from the community for a Web site. We might also wish to use images on a printed business card and in sales collateral (Powerpoint slides).

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8 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination!
8 years ago - Many thanks for the nomination!
8 years ago - Thank you so very much for the nomination ! Happiness on a Friday ;))
8 years ago - Hopefully, you're seeing a consistent concept emerging from the nominated photos. :) Additional submissions are welcome still!
8 years ago - Many thanks for the nominations it was a pleasure to submit them
8 years ago - I appreciate the nomination. Hope that the photo works with your vision!
8 years ago - Thank you for the nominations! I will upload the full color version of the eyes.
8 years ago - You should have the permission of the subject if that's required to license the photo to us.
8 years ago - Are images from Fenway park baseball and NASCAR races ok or are we only allowed to use people we know due to needed permission?
8 years ago - We've nominated a few photos now. A standard color photo is probably the right idea, so we can mix and match final selections from a variety of talented artists!
8 years ago - Kids are fine! but the focus is on adult images
8 years ago - Are children images accepted for this request?
8 years ago - Thanks so much for these early ideas ...!