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We are looking for diverse middle-aged adults (ages 35 to 55) enjoying an active and healthy lifestyle.

People: Male and female, couples, small groups, family.

Ethnicity: Diverse, African American, Caucasian, Hispanic.

(VERY IMPORTANT) Lighting examples: Slightly desaturated, back lit, sun beams, lens flair, nothing too dark, moody or high contrast.

Facial expressions: Authentic (not posed) happy, joyful but not overly exaggerated, mostly not looking at the camera but some is ok.

Attire: Casual, current trends, stylish but still real, not too expensiveness looking.

Environment: Mix of indoor and outdoor - urban, suburban, rural. If outdoors, landscape should look like it could be in North Carolina (trees, hills, lake, beach, ocean, small to mid-size urban downtown).

Prop examples (but not limited to): Current day technology (smart phones, tablets, laptops, GPS), healthy food, no alcohol or smoking.

Activity examples (but not limited to): hanging out with friends, cooking in kitchen (healthy foods), walking down urban street, biking to work, physical fitness (biking (helmet required), walking/jogging, swimming, kayaking in lake (life vest required), hiking), playing football with friends, picnic or camping in the woods, fishing, shopping at local farmers market or produce stand.

Additional Needs:
- Room to crop as needed: subject matter not too close to the edges.
- Background: open, soft texture or color space that copy can be placed over.
- If wearing swimwear or workout cloths, they should be somewhat modest with not too much skin showing.
- No filters, exaggerated effects, excessive retouching or manipulation.

The price was just increased from $100 to $200 :)

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9 years ago - Thank you very much for the nomination, i'm very excited.
9 years ago - @Joel, I have a photo 5408c14f5422259b3656fcac on my profile that you may like.
9 years ago - Dear @Joel, could you please check this photo 54018f4dcc5c5f7913fbb9db, maybe is that one you are looking for. Photo 53bcfc01107b751b18482830 is available.
9 years ago - Joel Still - I'm afraid I do not have any other versions of this image. However, I do have the un-cropped landscape version of this photo that is approx 21 megapixel
9 years ago - Randy - thanks. Check out the photos that I have nominated and 1 that I've purchased so far; they have similar lighting and color tones to what I'm looking for. -Joel
9 years ago - Thank you for the nomination.
9 years ago - Lichtblick - This photo 53f581fc499fc22b4ecfa271 is very nice. I like the softness of the background and how bright it is. Do you have any more or similar where the subject isn't as posed, maybe looser or more candid? Thanks so much, Joel
9 years ago - Lichtblick - thanks for the photo of the couple eating salad outside (53f57f92499fc2ca4dcfa271). This is very close to what we are looking for. But do you have one just like it without the waiters hand and basket in the frame? Thanks, Joel
9 years ago - davidzw - thanks for the photo of the man caring vegetables in a box (53f51fa6499fc29c39cfa271). I like it but do you have any more similar where the subject isn't as posed, maybe more candid or even just looking away from the camera? Thanks, Joel
9 years ago - JoeBaxter - thanks for 53fe01355422250d28e53a1b. Is the background stormy or ways the original background blurred or softened in Photoshop? -Joel
9 years ago - jp3 - thanks, we'll consider it. -Joel
9 years ago - andjelagrozdanic, this is a lovely photo (53fccfbc5422252474e53a1b). Do you have any similar that aren't as posed, more candid or looking away? Also, is 53bcfc01107b751b18482830 available? Thanks, Joel
9 years ago - Joel, I found a couple more shots. I hope these help.
9 years ago - I submitted an image of a man driving an orange ATV on the beach. Does the "desaturation" look and feel match what you are looking for? (In your brief, you said "slightly desaturated".)
9 years ago - Joel, I would love to help! Let me look through the raw. I can recreate if needed.
9 years ago - Joel, thank you for the feedback. I'll see if I can get any other photos that could be of use for you.
9 years ago - Thank you for the nominations Joel, I uploaded 2 more images, one running and one mountain biking.
9 years ago - Thanks for the nomination!!
9 years ago - To John Pope - do you have anything else similar to your image ID:53b2fbeae66891a96a12e949? Or can you shoot it? What would the $ be? I love the back lighting and rustic window but need the subject less posed and more candid. Looking for everyday life style but with soft bright back lighting. -Joel
9 years ago - To EliteSnapPhotography - Also, keep in mind that the environment needs to look like it could be in North Carolina, even if it technically is not. We have a lot of trees here. West side of state has hills/small mountains and the East has the beach and ocean. -Joel
9 years ago - To EliteSnapPhotography - I also see your kayaker photo. The lighting is very important. We're looking for a lot of bright back light. But the people subjects still need to be noticeable and not just dark silhouettes. -Joel
9 years ago - To EliteSnapPhotography - thanks for your submission and question. I see your cyclist photos. To answer you, I'll need to post a couple comments to get it all in. -Joel
9 years ago - Thank you very much for the nomination Joel.
9 years ago - Joel, I just submitted a photo for your request and was just wondering if it fits the type of photos you are looking for so as to get an idea of what exactly you want. Hope I can help find what you are looking for!
9 years ago - Hi Joel - yes he's wearing a helmet - always! :)
9 years ago - Please read the brief as I've tried to be as specific as possible. If you have questions about what we are looking for, please post a comment and I will try to clarify. Thanks
9 years ago - I have clicked hide on the ones that don't match the details on our brief or don't fit our needs. Those nominated are more in the vain but may not be spot on.
9 years ago - @ublita - is the man riding the bike in the woods wearing a helmet? Thanks
9 years ago - @jp3 - Your welcome! I love the lighting techniques you use in your people shots. Its what we are looking for.
9 years ago - Thank you for the invite!