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Architecturally interesting homes/estates & home details. Mediterranean, Spanish, Beach, or Modern. To be used on an individual real estate website.

Full house shots and close up details are both desired. Mostly looking for exterior but a great interior shot highlighting architectural details would be considered. Please include sharp photos of higher-end homes and estates with great lighting, though they can be taken at any time of day or evening. Any evening shots should have interior lights on or a sunset reflection. Homes should look like they might be found in Southern California, ideally with spanish architecture.

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9 years ago - Thanks for the nominations!
10 years ago - Thank you for the invite, Jon! Homes & architectural photography are out of my realm of expertise, so I won't waste your time. Again, thank you for your consideration & please let me know if I can be of assistance in the future.
10 years ago - Thanks for the invite! ;-))
10 years ago - Looking for more details of estate quality homes. No people, no cars. Think high end. Architectural details such as fireplaces, elegant staircases, corbel modeling, in focus. Think medium close ups.