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Looking for a beautiful day time image of a South Florida beach/ocean with the ocean blending into the sky (similar to the example).

We are looking to update the images on our delivery vans. We would like to see a little bit of beach/sand, preferably with shallow calm water. There should not be much difference in color between the ocean and the sky and where they kind of “blend” together (no sharp line between water and sky).

The beach has to be a South Florida beach, just ocean and light colors. No sunsets, no visible palm trees, no islands, no people or animals in the image, no filters or other “artificial” effects. Should be a long, horizontal image. Please submit your largest image size and different focal lengths to choose from (to avoid cropping). Prefer 5000 pixels on the short side if possible. Final print size will be very large (20,000 wide x 10,000 high pixels).

Let me know your location and if a RAW format is available upon request.

To get a higher quality image try Photoshop's photomerge (take multiple shots and merger them together):

(Please note: the brief has been updated to reflect the client is looking for day time images and not sunsets but maybe early morning.)

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9 years ago - Thank you so much for the purchase I feel honored to have the picture displayed on the moving trucks
9 years ago - Just uploaded three. Hope they are nominated!
9 years ago - I uploaded two that I took today. I was hoping for more of a color blend, but that's hard to do outside of an early morning shot. I'm always happy to try though :)
9 years ago - Thank you so much for the nominations
9 years ago - Thanks for the nomination! Might try to get you more later!
9 years ago - The client also suggested trying early morning when there is a nice haze where the water and sky blend nicely. Good luck everyone!
9 years ago - Thanks for your comments @she_smiles & @benisrad. FYI I just made a small update to the brief, the client wants day time images of the beach/ocean. Sorry they are not looking for sunset images. Keep that in mind while shooting. The ocean and sky should be almost the same color.
9 years ago - I'm a local and can get you something.
9 years ago - It would be so cool to have a photo on the City a Furniture trucks. You see them everywhere. Iconic. I don't have the right camera. I'm going to invite other SoFla photographers.