A bearded groomed man smelling his armpit.

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I need an original photo of a fashionable, bearded, well-groomed, hipster male casually smelling his armpit.

Male likely aged 28 to 35, no gray hair. Prefer it to look studio or professionally shot (towards high fashion, but not overly artistic), obviously posed is preferable to live-action. Area should include head and armpit, nipples preferably out of view, shirtless. The photograph should not convey humor or disgust at smelling the armpit.

It should show a bearded, well groomed, well-built (but not overly muscular) guy with a raised arm smelling his armpit, looking at or just away from camera not at armpit. The action of "smelling" does not have to be conveyed. In spite of being manly and bearded, he is confident that his underarm smells perfectly fine. The armpit should have somewhat groomed hair. All hair (armpit, beard, and hair) should be the same color and of a natural color. Natural mustaches that blend into beard (see example photos) are preferred, no handlebars or overly eye catching mustaches that pull away focus from the armpit smelling.

Must have model consent.

Optional but not required, only if they fit well: hipster or chunky glasses, non-graphic well done tattoos, piercings.

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9 years ago - Any chance I can see the final product? Would love it for the portfolio
9 years ago - Thank you James. You were really great at communicating.
9 years ago - Thank You James for the nomination.
9 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!
9 years ago - Hey James, I tried with one more photo and tried to give you a combination of both pictures that you nominated. Hope this helps
9 years ago - @James Baber I leave you a comment yesterday but I forgot to tag you lol sorry I hope you read it anyway
9 years ago - Hi, I uploaded 4 pictures (2 with accesories and 2 without) I have also done different hairstyles: urban and more classy. I hope you like it and hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much for the fun project. I enjoyed doing these photos. xoxo
9 years ago - @thebrooklynflash I'll probably go with your first submission unless you want to give it one more go. The absolute best picture would be a combination of two pictures I've nominated. Arm wide-out is great, but don't look at the camera, glance in the direction of your armpit like the first photo.
9 years ago - Thanks everyone for the posts so far. @thebrooklynflash (John Cirillo) is definitely closest to the mark. Many submissions either weren't as I described, or the model just doesn't work. I'm looking for a well-groomed lumber-man type of look, so a full beard is a must.
9 years ago - @James Baber: Just uploaded a shot that I managed to do for you can you let me know if this is ok did not have much time.
9 years ago - Any feedback? Is the beard length a priority? Background?
9 years ago - Right on man. Gonna get to it later this afternoon. Thanks for the communication.
9 years ago - John, yeah, I like the more groomed look and the visible tattoos work well.
9 years ago - Hey James, I submitted a second one before reading your comment. I'll give it another go today at some point. Also thanks for the invite.
9 years ago - @John Cirillo, love this first submission! This is so close to what I'm looking for, directions followed perfectly. Can you pull your arm back (away from the camera) a little more so there is more open space between your face and arm?
9 years ago - James, I uploaded the pic with the whole body, it`s easily cropped. In case if it works, You may need uncroped for other purpose.
9 years ago - Thanks for the invite!
9 years ago - Thanks for invite @james barber
9 years ago - @James Baber: Thank you for the invite I will see what i can do in the couple of days,it will be difficult as it being New Year time but I thank you inviting me to this request.