Pugs + Boxer Shorts

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We're looking for a simple shot of boxer shorts or pug wearing boxer shorts to convey a new product line for a website. Simple, attractive, humorous.

There are three options for this photo ranked in order of desirability:

1. Picture of pug wearing boxer shorts
2. Picture of boxer shorts alone
3. Picture of pug alone

Please feel free to submit all different types.

We're looking to keep this a very simple shot with a plain background such as a solid color, hardwood floors, grass, or other one tone background. The main focus should be the boxer shorts themselves. Nothing else should be featured in the photo aside from the boxer shorts and pug (if included). These can be shot from above, profile, in front -- we're open to all angles.

This is somewhat humorous with the play on pugs, but we still hope to keep it very fashionable and design focused. These will be used for new ecommerce product launch line of boxers. I look forward to seeing what you all can create and shoot! Please let me know if there are any questions!

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Messages posted by users

9 years ago - Hi @kahleisy, I was wondering if there was any update on this photo request. Thanks
9 years ago - Kate I am still new to this process so I wanted to ask if none of my shots were nominated for pugs and boxers and you were doing the final review, should I delete my shots? Still not sure on how all of this works. Thank you for your time.
9 years ago - Thanks so much for the nomination
9 years ago - @kahleisy I just posted a few more pics, let me know if any of these pics work or if you want different type and I will try to work on them
9 years ago - @carlvw , if they're just lying next to him, that is fine! Thanks so much!
9 years ago - @kahleisy I will try to see what I can do about a white backdrop, that one is tough with this particular pug, the plaid boxers are no problem, do you want him wearing them or laying next to them like the pic you nominated
9 years ago - Thanks @foodmakesmehappy ! Let me know if you have any questions.
9 years ago - Hey @carlvw , thank you for submitting! Is there any chance you would be able to take similar photos against a white backdrop? Also, if you have plaid boxers, that would be awesome (if not, blue is fine)! Thank you for participating!
9 years ago - @kahleisy I just uploaded some pug pics but if you have a special request like patterned boxers or other solid colors let me know, or any other type of pics
9 years ago - Thanks for the invite, I'll see if I can find any boxes, or pugs~
9 years ago - By the way, you can take photos with a pair of boxers simply near the pug as well. We've decided they don't necessarily have to be worn. Thanks!