Up Close Knife, Fork and Spoon (3)

3 separate large photos in dining room
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We envision THREE SEPARATE photos framed in our dining room. They're either all square black and white and would be side by side OR they're longer horizontally and we'd stack them. The three photos match in style and depth. The photos are up close and the background is darker like the first image below. Each photo should be able to be blown up to at least 24 x 24 inches.

Closed because I could not find the right visual for this project

thank you

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8 years ago - Closed because I could not find the right photo for this project. thank you
8 years ago - I also can only submit two. In case you are interested in my series, the knife is in my profile.
8 years ago - Also could only upload two. My spoon is in my profile. Thank you!
8 years ago - any feedback would be great before end of the deadline in case need editing. thx
8 years ago - Please nominate my photos so that I may upload more photos for the request. Right now I am only allowed two.
8 years ago - 😌ple
8 years ago - @kevingaither forgot to say, all the images are high resolution shoot on Full frame
8 years ago - @kevingaither Hi Kevin, just uploaded 20 images of close up black white of Forks & spoon. All can be edited if you need something different. Please tell me I can re-work on it. Up you find what you need among my submission
8 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination.
8 years ago - More photos in my profile. Feel free to browse it! Thank you!
8 years ago - @Kevin - The photos I've uploaded are all 100dpi for quick upload. All my images are available at 36MP 300 dpi as well. :-)
8 years ago - Hello! As we are still in the category of 'Shooter', we could only uploaded 2 pictures for your request. We have two more that combine with those ups, you can see them in our profile. Thank you, good luck! Best Regards, ART GOD & LOVE INC. Dayron Villaverde
8 years ago - i have a set of 3 photos of this utensils displayed on my gallery. i could only upload 2 of the 3 photos. thanks.
8 years ago - Thanks for nomination!
8 years ago - thank you for the nominations :)
8 years ago - Thank you Mister Kevin!!
8 years ago - Kevin, thank you for the nominations. If you like the style, i take some new shots of knifes and forks too.
8 years ago - The knife that goes with the spoon and fork is available in my profile. I am unable to upload more than 2 photos at this time.
8 years ago - Hello and thank you for providing this neat request! Have a question about the details that were listed. Are you wanting 3 separate photos with the three utensils together in each photo or are you wanting each utensil photographed separately for its own individual depiction? Thanks for clarifying!
8 years ago - The knife to go with the individual spoon and fork is on display in my gallery, if interested. At this time, I am only able to upload 2 for your request. Thank you and good luck with your search.