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Looking for a large table set for many people. Prefer not to include people, and if there are people, no faces. Environment must be informal but clean. Please make sure table looks INFORMAL, not a formal event like wedding etc. See enclosed reference.

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7 years ago - @Kieran McCabe, if you prefer ones from my portfolio, let me know and I will submit that one or those to your request!
7 years ago - @Kieran McCabe. I submitted two photos (my max); with blue and yellow plates with water glasses, then with blue and white plates with wine glasses. I also have the blue and white setup with drinking glasses. I also have both setups, from further back. See my portfolio for a few more photos : )
7 years ago - I could redo it tomorrow, but it's set up for now : )
7 years ago - @Kieran McCabe. I posted 2 photos a few hours ago, the set-up is still up, if you want any changes! But it's 7:30pm here CET, maybe another hour if you have changes you would like me to make... I also shot the tables replacing the yellow plates with white with blue rings. can only post two at time
7 years ago - Table needs to be BIG and INFORMAL, meaning no weddings etc. Indoor our outdoor is fine. Natural light is probably better.
7 years ago - Is outdoor acceptable?
7 years ago - Hi there, Do you prefer indoor, outdoor setting? Natural light? Time of day you envisioned this table setting?
7 years ago - Please see reference photo. The table should be INFORMAL, not overly elegant. I particularly like the rustic feel of the reference photo but also the mismatched chairs etc. The bigger the table the better, but 4 or 6 seats wont do. THANK YOU!